Readings and Media About Degrowth

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  • DegrowUS Discussion Starter Kit

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Degrowing Our Way to Genuine Progress (Erik Assadourian)
The Incipient Degrowth Movement in the United States (Sam Bliss)
From Austerity to Dépense (Giacomo D’Alisa, Giorgos Kallis and Federico Demaria)
Degrowth: Culture, Power and Change (Susan Paulson)
Teaching Limits to Enhance Creativity: The Pedagogy of Degrowth (Luis I. Prádanos)

  • Books

Degrowth: Vocaublary for a New Era
In Defense of Degrowth
Prosperity Without Growth: Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow

  • Articles

  • Degrowth Overview

Degrowth - The Solution That Must Not Be Named
Degrowth Considered
The Rise and Future of the Degrowth Movement
From Growth to Degrowth: A Brief History

  • Degrowth and the Environment

Why Growth Can’t Be Green
Stop Misdiagnosing Climate Change

  • Degrowth and the Economy

The Degrowth Movement Challenges the Conventional Wisdom on Economic Health
Degrowth: The Case for a New Economic Paradigm
Economics for a Full World

  • Degrowth and Activism

Degrowth and Christiania: on Copenhagen’s collective living experiment

  • Degrowth and Development

Forget developing poor countries. It’s time to ‘de-develop’ rich countries.
Time for degrowth: to save the planet, we must shrink the economy
Re-taking Sustainable Development for Degrowth

  • Critiques of Degrowth

Beyond the limits of nature: a social-ecological view of growth and degrowth

  • Videos

‘Our addiction to economic growth is killing us’ (Jason Hickel)
The Degrowth Paradigm (Abby Martin and Charles Eisenstein)
Why Degrowth? (William Rees)
Why Growth and the Environment Can’t Coexist (Sam Bliss)
The Economics of Enough (Dan O’Niell)