Start a Degrowth Discussion

Mainstream environmental and social concerns still focus on economic growth as a solution rather than a root cause*. Degrowth flips this logic on its head. Economic degrowth is now the most obvious path to healing our relationships with the planet and eachother.

But deconstructing the logic of growth is no easy task. It will take a lot of discussion among everyday people to reverse our cultural addiction to growth.

Anyone can catalyze this discussion by hosting a reading group among friends and colleagues. Below are some suggested readings for kicking off a discussion group.

Discussion groups are forming in several cities across the US. Want further tips on starting a reading group, and what has worked well elsewhere? Contact us.


Suggested Readings

Article Topics: Degrowing Our Way to Genuine Progress - From Austerity to Dépense - Teaching Limits to Enhance Creativity - Degrowth: Culture, Power, and Change - The Incipient Degrowth Movement in the US

readings available here

*The UN Sustainable Development goals list Economic Growth alongside global ecological goals such as Climate Action, even as economic growth has generally been a negative indicator of global ecological health.