Updates from the Snail Trail


Chicago Gathering, September 28-30 2018

In September 2018, DegrowUS launched with our first gathering in Chicago, IL. We brought together dozens of people from across the country for a weekend of discussion, connection and strategizing the future of the degrowth movement in the United States.

Our small collective of organizers has grown substantially since, and we’re working together to share skills and resources, discuss needs and tactics, and evolve the DegrowUS project to build a truly transformative movement for justice, good living, and sweeping systemic change across the country.

Click here for more information on the Chicago gathering.


Strategizing the U.S. Degrowth Movement

Out of our first gathering have come crucial questions for us all at DegrowUS: What can each of us bring to the degrowth movement, and what can degrowth bring to the broader push for just transition in the United States?

As we move forward, we’re always looking for new collaborators, partners, ideas and voices to bring to the evolving conversation around degrowth.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation, check out our ways to get involved! Join or start a discussion group, or come join our snaily family and organize with us.