Making Contributions

Right now, we don’t have a formal donation portal, and we are not yet a 501c3 or fiscally sponsored by one. However, if you want to contribute to our work, there are several ways to do so:

1) Volunteer your time.

Join a working group, organize with us, start a discussion group or host an event.

2) Volunteer your resources/Knowledge.

If you have resources, or ideas, to share that you think could help us with our work, please send us an email!
Areas where we need help:

  • Automating backend tasks.

  • Ideas for non-exploitative platforms to use (website hosting, online transactions, donations)

  • More discussion groups!

  • More degrowth events in various cities.

3) Send us money.

We don’t have a formal donation system, but we do have a bank account and you can donate via PayPal.