Oceans again found to be warming faster than had been thought


Last week the New York Times reported in Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds that new research published in Science, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The Times summarizes the results as finding “that the oceans are heating up 40 percent faster on average than a United Nations panel estimated five years ago. The researchers also concluded that ocean temperatures have broken records for several straight years.” From the article:

“2018 is going to be the warmest year on record for the Earth’s oceans,” said Zeke Hausfather, an energy systems analyst at the independent climate research group Berkeley Earth and an author of the study. “As 2017 was the warmest year, and 2016 was the warmest year.”

The article provides a through review of recent research on ocean warming.


The Science article’s two principal charts are shown below. The first chart illustrates the current and revised projections for future heating along with 90% confidence bands.


The second chart shows the history of estimate for rates of ocean warming.

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